Chang's TaeKwonDo Programs



1. Respect

One of the most important lessons learned by children in martial arts is respect. They are taught to respect their superior and their peers. In the society we live in today, these skills will be vital to the life success of your children.

2. Strong Mind and Self-Confidence

Self-Discipline Along with the physical side of martial arts, there is a major mental component. They focus on self-discipline and mastery. They have to work hard for what they receive.
Results are predicated on preparation and discipline, which can help children in many other aspects, including school, home life and relationships with friends.

3. Conflict Resolution

Many people think that martial arts promote violence, and aggressive behavior to resolve conflicts with others. This is perhaps justified as typically martial arts are portrayed as such in motion pictures and on television. However, martial arts teach children the right ways to resolve conflicts, avoiding physical confrontations. While teaching self-defense, they also provide non-violent conflict resolution skills.

4. Social Development

Often times, children who practice martial arts together form strong bonds based on their common interests and teamwork. It’s a great way to help your child fell a sense of belonging to something and for them to develop important social skills with their peers.

5. Physical Fitness

Taekwondo is excellent martial arts for children to participate into get exercise. The benefits of being active in physically demanding activities are numerous and vital to the development of children. Taekwondo is a secure foundation for doing other sports.

6. Achievement

In martial arts, progress is based on a system of achievement, often symbolized by colored belts that designate the skill level of the martial artist. Children learn in Taekwondo to set goals and work hard to accomplish the requirements and skill of the next belt they hope to earn. This can be wonderful especially for children who may struggle with low self-esteem.

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