Chang's TaeKwonDo Programs


At Chang’s TaeKwonDo Academy, we teach the ancient Korean Martial Art known as TaeKwonDo.

Our school is led by Master Instructor LEE, a student himself turned Master, determined to pay forward the benefits he’s obtained to others. Chang’s TaeKwondo Academy has been a staple in the CHICAGO community for over 31 years. Our philosophy is to build the mind, body and soul of each student.

Class Schedule: Monday – Saturday (check Schedules for times at this link)

Kids Program from Chang's Taekwondo!

Children develop their behavior and habits when they are young, therefore bad habits and behaviors must be corrected also when they are young to become a good person in the future. Chang's Taekwondo Academy designs a individualized martial art program for each child for the child to develop a good behavior and good personality starting at a very crucial age.

Little Kids Program (4 – 6 yrs)

Little Kids Taekwondo Program
  • - Fun and Exciting Activity Training
  • - Build a Concentration
  • - "Yes, I can" mind set
  • - Everyday stretching
  • - Tuition in small groups
  • - Improve Listening skills
  • - Resist peer pressure
  • - Training with a partner helps kids develop new friendships

Children Program (7 – 12 yrs)

Kids Taekwondo Program
  • - Strong mentally
  • - Increased Self-esteem
  • - Improve Listening skills
  • - Competency in Self-defense
  • - Better Concentration
  • - Greater Self-discipline
  • - Ability to handle bullying
  • - Enhanced leadership skills
  • - Improved athletic performance & physical health
  • - "Yes, I can" & “I will try” mind set

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